Swatch X Omega (confusing all round)

Swatch and Omega come together for an innovative take on the legendary Speedmaster Moonwatch. Outer space inspires a new collection of eleven BIOCERAMIC watches named after planetary bodies that will have you reaching for the stars. The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is legendary and a must-have for collectors. BIOCERAMIC Moon-Swatch collection makes the iconic design accessible […]

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A talking piano

The piano in the video is from Edelweiss. We had to modify it so it could play Rush E and all the keys at once otherwise out of the box they can play about 30 keys at once. Thanks to Kirk Ridiculous, silly and impressive all at once.

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An Air Purifier concept

This is only a concept design, but it is a perfect example of the brand’s “simple yet sophisticated” design philosophy. This air purifier concept wants us to focus on simple shapes and colors. It shows off ultimate modernity using circles, lines, and squares–all while offering impressing air purifying performance… More here. Too many objects in […]

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McGST Podcast Episode 91 (living in bubbles, taking in refugees, Apple, dogs and YouTube)

Joanne and I discuss our ignorance of other people’s lives and answer some questions- Would you take in a refugee? You talk a good left-wing game. Sam Why do you stick with Apple? The products are so boring and closed-down. Kennie – Related to this tweet– ‘Apparently, Russia has now blocked the App Store. This […]

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The Shape Of Walking

In those early days of the pandemic, classes moved online, and my partner and I no longer spent hours commuting to our respective universities to teach. Instead, we took turns pushing the stroller around our neighborhood. At each intersection we chose our direction based on whichever road seemed more deserted. We zig-zagged down blocks, crossing […]

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Why Japan returns almost everything

With an inner-city population fast approaching 14 million people, millions of items go missing here each year. But a staggering number of them find their way home. In 2018, over 545,000 ID cards were returned to their owners by Tokyo Metropolitan Police – 73% of the total number of lost IDs. Likewise, 130,000 mobile phones […]

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I Am… With Jonny Wilkinson

The podcast explores the remarkable transformations taking place within individuals and their understandings of them. Speaking with pioneers and thought leaders around the globe, Jonny wishes to redefine concepts of health and well-being, performance, purpose, leadership, relationships and human potential. From fear to freedom, surviving to thriving, this series will see Jonny celebrating the exponential […]

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The YEMA LED reinvented by KAVINSKY

In the 1970’s YEMA launched its first LED display watch, which became iconic in France. Fifty years later the YEMA LED is reinvented by KAVINSKY by perfectly capturing the 1970’s steampunk style, bringing this emblematic model back to the future. This exclusive timepiece will be a unique limited edition in two case colors (SILVER and […]

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