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    It is rare for me to agree with public figures and while I do not agree with everything Jordan Peterson says I find myself nodding my head to the majority of his views. They are well thought out, evidenced and… Read More ›

  • Darth Trump

    He finally wore a mask (play with sound).

  • Wear a f*cking mask!

    Why would you not wear a mask for a philosophical or political reason? I guess that philosophy does not come into it because anyone who does not wear a mask would not understand what the word means. They would, however,… Read More ›

  • McGST

    No one cares much about blogs anymore. That is a fact in a time when YouTube, TikTok and Instagram gain all of the attention. Blogs, in particular ones run by individuals are mere curiosities in an online world dominated by… Read More ›

  • I turned it all off, it made no difference

    About two weeks ago I turned off notifications on my iPhone, my Mac, my iPad and my fitness tracker. Everything was disabled apart from text messages and reminders for tasks. And I stopped updating my websites. WhatsApp, game moves, emails,… Read More ›

  • The MARQ collection

    Whether you own the cup or are inspired by those who do, MARQ™ Captain shows your passion for life at sea. It is the luxury modern tool watch with advanced nautical and smart features that one simply won’t find in… Read More ›

  • The Seiko SNE545P1

    Advertise your unrivaled sophistication with this elegant timepiece for Gents from Seiko. An ingenious solar powered movement follows years of expert watchmaking and design. A black dial houses the impeccably designed mechanism under this gorgeous timepiece. The watch features: Central… Read More ›

  • FaceApp (spooky)

    With lockdown tending to bring more time to the day I somehow ended up trying a silly photo app called FaceApp. It is a subscription app which puts me off because while I will happily pay for the likes of… Read More ›

  • A Retro-Inspired Stopwatch

    Boasting vibrant prime colors of red and yellow, the stopwatch comes with a thick structure that playfully mimics that of vintage models — the overall shape of the piece is fashioned after G-SHOCK’s classic HS-70W-1JH. The piece comes with red… Read More ›

  • The distorted experience of time through the COVID-19 pandemic

    Betelgeuse is what is known as a variable star — a natural clock in the sky that exhibits a complex, imperfectly predictable pattern of dimming and brightening driven by multiple loosely related stellar phenomena, much like the seasonal flu here… Read More ›