The genius of the Apple Watch strap system

It has been 7 years since Apple introduced the Apple Watch and the strap mechanism rarely gets a mention these days. It has become a feature that we are so familiar with that it is invisible, even when changing a strap.

With decades of unwieldily spring bars behind us and a gradual move to quick release spring bars on traditional watches, the Apple Watch system is on another level for some very specific reasons-

It is very easy to change a strap over once you know how to use it. Can be done in under 5 seconds.

The secure feeling once a strap has locked in place is impressive when the ease of swapping the strap is considered.

There is no movement or rattling at all and it is very comfortable.

The choice of strap styles is virtually unlimited. From metal link bracelets to rubber sports straps to nato-style offerings, you can choose whatever style you wish to pair with your Apple Watch.

They are cheap! Not the Apple offerings of course which are at times ludicrously expensive, but the range of third party offerings that you can pick up for under £10 is huge. There are only 2 official Apple straps in the image above, the rest are from Amazon and other suppliers.

To sum up, there is no better watch strap system available today than the Apple Watch offering.

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