‘We’re packed in like battery hens. I was told off for leaning’

They’re OK on toilet breaks these days, because they got such bad press on the difficulty of staff taking toilet breaks, but you still have to be quick, because you have to keep scanning items. If you’re not constantly scanning, a team leader comes to have words. They don’t like you idle.

Ten hours a day is a long time to be on your feet, especially at my age. A lot of my co-workers are much younger. I was off sick yesterday but I came back today because I couldn’t afford to lose another day’s wage. I was told off for leaning on one of the preparation tables. Not sitting; leaning, with my hip. I was told to stand up straight… More here.

And yet I and so many others still order from Amazon. Part of the problem, and it may just be an excuse on my part, is that it is now often quite hard to buy what you need in retail stores. Time and time again I have tried and I can probably find what I need 50% of the time. With Amazon it’s over 95%.

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