Are Smartwatches Just A Temporary Thing?

Our beloved traditional watches have outgrown their practical use. We do not need watches any longer. We wear them because they give us a sensation that we cannot find anywhere else. There is a romance there, enough to be an actual hobby, clearly.

The smartwatch, meanwhile, is a practical item. You want one because you want to check your messages all the time or to track your activity. These are functions that near-future tech will likely perform better than a smartwatch. By that time, it is my expectation that you will lose interest in your smartwatch… More here.

I don’t think that smartwatches are a temporary thing. Each individual smartwatch is of course, but the notion of multi-functional ‘smart’ devices on the wrist is likely to be the dominant force over the next decade and potentially beyond.

Budget watches, fashion watches and most other singular use watches will decline, of that I am sure, and I suspect that luxury watches will continue to have a big presence, but with 99% of people not caring too much about what is on their wrist the future looks smart to me.

I don’t like that smartwatches are dominating, but I wear one myself a lot of the time, and I don’t like that either. That’s when you know that a technology is genuinely useful.

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