Will Apple’s money grab backfire?

The sudden appearance of app ads in the App Store is a bit of a shock visually and more importantly, ethically. Obviously adverts are not a bad thing in general, but you just don’t expect them within official Apple apps.

Gambling app ads have now been paused following complaints from developers, but the fact that they appeared in the first place is perhaps most worrying of all. For people like me who own multiple Apple products there is always a sense that you are working in the app of your choice at the moment and with no distractions. You simply get things done.

Apple News+ feels clean (ads appearing now though) and when I use Google News I am hit with pop-ups, dominating ads and a generally awful experience.

When I bought my son a Windows laptop a few years back it was full of bloatware, adverts and was just an awful experience all round.

Apple has won for people like me because it feels clean and smooth all of the time. The hardware is great, at a price, but ultimately the simplistic and linear experience is what builds loyalty. Apple will need to be very careful messing with that for a few extra dollars. This feels like a bad move.

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