Learning from every iPhone

I remember my mom bought the first iPhone for me as a birthday present in 2008, which I was surprised by. I instantly fell in love with it because it was my first Apple product, and I was just amazed by how intuitive it was to use at the time. Full web pages on a cell phone? It definitely beat those horrible WAP pages back in the day. But my clumsy self eventually dropped the naked iPhone on hard cement, shattering the screen. I learned I couldn’t really deal with having a broken screen, so I planned to purchase the new iPhone 3G with some money I had saved up… More here.

A really good article which feels familiar in lots of areas. After so many years the iPhone has just become something I use all of the time and I can’t imagine changing. It is deeply embedded in my life at this point and I rarely even think about what it is. It’s just there.

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