The iPhone Generation

It’s been 15 years since the first iPhone was launched and it feels much longer to me. I remember the Psion, the Palm Trees and various other smart(ish)phones, but the iPhone has become so much a part of my life and so many others that it can be hard to truly remember.

This video from WSJ called The iPhone at 15: An Inside Look at How Apple Transformed a Generation is worth a look because it highlights the impact of the product and how we now have a generation of people who do not know life without it, and without the competition that often feels more than a little familiar.

Not everyone thought the product would grow into the phenomenon that we have today, as highlighted in this tweet (image above) and of course there is Mr Ballmer…

I don’t even think about the iPhone as a product anymore. I don’t marvel at what it can do or hanker for the next version. It’s just there with me all day, every day and it isn’t going anywhere for some time to come. 30 years? It is possible unless I am being short term-ist and am not able to visualise what comes next.

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