How are they still in power?

But could Sunak have done more? Those on Universal Credit are losing 9 per cent of their income until benefits are increased in line with inflation later this year, pushing many into poverty. That poverty is, ultimately, a government choice. We could pay to prevent poverty, through higher taxes, more borrowing or a reallocation of the state’s revenues. Money can always be found. Sunak chose not to find it… More here.

The Spring Statement last week was smoke and mirrors and the most transparent of party tricks that will only fool those who still follow the cult of Boris, the same people who will suffer the most under the current Conservative government.

It is shocking that the government continues to allow 100,000’s of people in the UK to go through a nightmare compared to what should be expected in a first world country. It is appalling.

But analysis by the Office for Budget Responsibility showed that the increased spending will in large part be funded by student loan reforms announced last month. Under the reforms, the salary threshold at which students start paying back their loans will be cut from £27,295 to £25,000 for students enrolling from September 2023. The cut-off point at which unpaid loans are written off will be extended from 30 to 40 years… More here.

So our chancellor publicises a tax reduction which has largely be made moot by previous announcements and now we see that it will be paid for by those who are the future of our country.

Then there were five senior Conservative MPs, who were later forced to apologise or be suspended from the Commons for improperly trying to influence a judge. Natalie Elphicke, Sir Roger Gale, Theresa Villiers, Adam Holloway and Bob Stewart signed a letter pressing Mrs Justice Whipple not to disclose their character statements for Elphicke in his sex assault trial at Southwark crown court. Natalie was later found to have been the ringleader of the campaign. The other four had formed part of Elphicke’s “flock” — the group of MPs he was responsible for — during his time as a whip under David Cameron. The Commons standards committee later described the MPs’ actions as “egregious behaviour” that was “corrosive to the rule of law”… More here.

This is a more specific case, but the way the victim was treated over many years is not something we have seen in the UK before, or at least such things have not become public.

And so to how the day unfolded. On Thursday morning, P&O Ferries recalled its vessels to port with the most ominous words in the shipping forecast – “all-colleague announcement” – promising that “long-term viability” was about to be secured. Sounds good! At which point, the human resources guy delivered a pre-recorded message from some kind of middle-management bunker, as though he were coordinating the resistance of a besieged eastern European country and not just avoiding having to look any of the staff in the eye when he tells them they’re being “restructured” with immediate effect. The former employees were informed their jobs would be promptly taken over by cheaper agency workers. Whether this is even legal is a matter of some debate; suffice to say the implications of the story continue to unfurl themselves like the petals of a stinking corpse lily… More here.

The loss of 800 jobs to foreign works who will earn less than our minimum wage highlights a variety of problems (please read the article above, it is beautifully written). It is true that Brexit is not the reason why the French P&O workers kept their jobs when UK workers lost theirs, but it is also true that one of the main projections of the Leave campaign was UK jobs for UK workers with better pay, while all of the time suggesting that the EU was somehow the cause of our problems.

We know they lied, we have seen literally no upsides from Brexit to date. Rees-Mogg was given the task of finding Brexit opportunities 6 weeks ago and still nothing, he will be looking for a very long time.

Any of the above would have taken down any previous government, but we also have-

+150,000 Covid deaths, many of which could have been avoided by quicker and more competent action.

Parties held in Downing Street throughout the pandemic while we all stayed at home.

The VIP lane for preferred medical suppliers during the pandemic.

The constant Johnson lies in parliament which are never rolled back.

Owen Patterson and the attempt to change the rules to suit one person.

The Russian money flowing through the Conservatives.

The refurbishment scandal of the Downing Street flat and where the money for it came from.

I could go on for some time because the list is long and wide, and perpetuates ever part of this government and ultimately our country. They, however, remain in power which is insanity no matter how you look at it.

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