She died

A pregnant woman wounded in the Russian bombing of a Ukrainian maternity hospital has died along with her baby, reports say. Images showed her on a stretcher following the air strike in Mariupol last Wednesday, in which at least three other people were killed. After the place where she was meant to give birth was attacked, she was taken to another hospital. Her baby was born by Caesarean section, but showed no signs of life… More here.

So so sad. Having seen the photo and then hearing the news of her death later on it was one of many images and videos that exemplify the complete and utter cruelty of this war. Considering that most people do not want NATO to intervene militarily we find ourselves torn as to what can be done.

No one wins here. Ukrainians die, Russians die, Russia will likely become a third world country and the entire population will suffer, every country will suffer economic loss and the sheer insanity of what is happening will live long in the memory. I wish I could even consider what the answer is to suit every country.

Also, how beautiful is this-

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