Living in a Simulation

In other words, yes, and with sincere apologies to Tonelli and most of his fellow physicists, who hate it when anybody suggests this: The only explanation for life, the universe, and everything that makes any sense, in light of quantum mechanics, in light of observation, in light of light and something faster than light, is that we’re living inside a supercomputer. Is that we’re living, all of us, and always, in a simulation… More here.

Fascinating and unnerving at the same time.

One thought on “Living in a Simulation

  1. What horse pucky. It’s just a way of saying “there seems to be stuff outside the system we can currently observe and model that makes up our system… so therefore… God!”
    And like with most religions, I find the implication that our universe is kind of a false reality, that there’s a more important, more real-real that must be what really matters, morally dubious.
    I think the most interesting line is “There are no properties outside of interactions”. I would challenge that a bit – like the POTENTIAL for interactions not currently happening is certainly an important property – but I do appreciate the realization that surface and interaction is so much more critical than our guesses as to essence and true nature.

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