The iPhone killed chewing gum, and so much more…

I guess we don’t think of modern phones minimising interest in abstract products. The list of obvious products they have replaced is immense already; sat navs, cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, diaries, alarm clocks, calculators, radios, PCs(?), notebooks, watches, portable games consoles, wallets, cash (car park paying apps etc), newspapers, magazines, books, audiobook CDs, tape measures, encyclopaedias, stopwatch, and I could go on for some time.

Can you think of any that I have missed?

3 thoughts on “The iPhone killed chewing gum, and so much more…

  1. Tangentially related, it reminds me of this quote from 2002 by Mark Turmell, designer of the arcade games Smash TV, NBA Jam, and NFL Blitz:
    “But the bottom line is that the players and kids stopped showing up. I think this is a weird fact, but every week we looked at earnings around the country, and the day that the Clinton report from the testimony of Monica Lewinsky got published on the Internet, the earnings in the arcades dropped 20%. Unfortunately, [those earnings] never returned! At that moment, I think the Internet became a source of entertainment.”

    Oh and you missed flashlights 😀
    (another quote was how like, if you were a fantasy writer who had a magic gadget with as many functions as a smartphone you’d be accused of deus ex machina — ‘oh sure the character just happened to be carrying a magical torch on them this whole time?’)

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