The iPhone has the photographic capability, just need the talent

We asked listeners to our new iPhone Photo Show podcast to submit their best work to us for our initial January photo contest, and the results are just spectacular. What’s possible with just an iPhone camera? The old limits no longer need apply… More here.

I often see photos taken on iPhone and struggle to believe that they did not come from DSLRs. And then I remember that I have no photographic talent at all…

9 thoughts on “The iPhone has the photographic capability, just need the talent

    1. It’s still pure luck for me. Never really understood how to capture a decent photo, but it doesn’t matter when the subjects are my family.

      1. Yeah – though there can be a sweet spot of photos that work well visually and not just because the subject matter is important to you.

        It’s not always worth the disruption that posing it can sometimes take to do “right”. but with practice you build up some skills: A noticing this is a visually interesting scene, B framing the subject, C considering “portrait mode” for the blur of background etc, D, thinking about light

          1. That is a fine photo! It’s so easy to miss the focus with stuff like that.

            If I were to offer a suggestion, maybe a simple square crop would improve an already good photo? AFAIK the floor in front of the pup isn’t adding anything, and removing it might be better keep attention on that cute face.

            (that’s the kind of idea that comes with practice, just think about what works to frame the scene, and now of course iPhones have great in phone editing.)

          2. We had it framed square without the floor at the front. I kind of like the depth it gives. Just love that photo, bless him he is deteriorating quickly now. Looks like days left🙁

          3. So sorry to hear Shaun. And I see what you mean about the depth w/ floor. So don’t sell yourself short in terms of photo know how!

    2. If nothing else, my vanity will probably keep me keeping up with latest iPhone as long as I have the budget for it and they keep promising that sweet sweet incremental camera upgrade

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