She Tracked Her Husband’s Every Move

When my colleague and I reported on this, experts we spoke with were of two minds about Apple’s attempts to prevent nefarious use, with some saying the alerts were inadequate and others praising the company for unearthing a larger problem: widespread surreptitious tracking, usually done with devices that don’t notify a person of their presence… More here.

We have Find My on iOS and macOS, trackers on Android, Teslas that are effectively surveillance stations, even when parked, Amazon speakers (listening devices), Siri and so many other technologies that monitor us it is hard to even conceive of true privacy today.

The irony is that many of these technologies are hugely useful every single day and so we have to work out how much privacy we are prepared to give up for the benefits. I suspect that the vast majority just use these products and have no clue at all regarding how intrusive some of them can be.

2 thoughts on “She Tracked Her Husband’s Every Move

  1. Its worthy of a debate to agree where the lines should be. Though I feel Apple is being singled out a bit unfairly here – anyone could have done exactly the same thing with a tile for the last X years.

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