400GB for $40

For the few who don’t already know, every variety of Nintendo’s popular Switch console can get a storage upgrade by installing a microSD card. And while you’re most likely to stumble upon deals for microSD cards with 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB of storage, there’s a must-see deal happening at Amazon on the SanDisk 400GB variant. Normally $69.99 (but usually between $45 and $50), you can snag one now for just $39.99. It’s just a couple dollars shy of the best-ever price… More here.

You know you are not young when you remember spending +£100 for a 1MB Psion flash disk.

2 thoughts on “400GB for $40

  1. A megabyte! that’s like a thousand thousand! How you ever going to fill that up?

    The other time i remember for this is my college years, like my PC. Forget the exact storage capacity, like ~100Mb give or take 40… but given that even a crusty old 5 1/4 floppy could hold like 1.2 Mb – 80-100 disks worth really isn’t all that much!

    On the other hand the curve has flattened. I suspect a bit of price gouging around 1 Tb range but maybe there are manufacture costs I’m not thinking of

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