Jordan Peterson: ‘absurd’ and ‘dangerous’

As podcaster Joe Rogan faces condemnation from medical scientists for spreading misinformation about vaccines and Covid-19, another interview by the controversial host this week has become the subject of mockery — this time among climate scientists.

Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience” on Monday, making false and generalized claims that the modeling scientists use to project climate change and its impacts are flawed… More here.

I’m not sure if Peterson is losing popularity or something, but even before the latest hysteria over his Joe Rogan podcast I have noticed that he has started to offer views that appear designed to gain attention rather than be as rational as he once was.

He got slammed by fellow panellists on a UK politics show recently and he appears to moving in a bizarre direction. Sit him down with Rogan and you just know things are going to go strange.

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