FaceID with a mask

Using your face to unlock your phone is great in normal times, but less than ideal when you’re masked up and avoiding germs. Apple already has a workaround in place if you own a new enough Apple Watch, and now it’s working on a fix for the rest of us. The most recent iOS developer beta enables users to open their device with just the geography of their eyes. The feature, which is currently being tested, will work with glasses users, although if you’re wearing sunglasses, you might have to take them off first… More here.

A bit late if I am honest, but potentially handy if the future does not quite go as we would want it to.

I am a great believer in masks as much for the fact that they can make people behave slightly more responsibly than anything else, but I am starting to think that these thin cloth things people are wearing could be so much better.

I have seen videos of people who vape and when they blow out with a mask on the water vapour goes ‘everywhere’ which is concerning. We need more comfortable, thinner and closer fitting designs that do not cost the same as medical-grade offerings.

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