iOS Music Player Showcase

There’s new and exciting developments every year in the realm of iOS third-party music players, and 2021 was no exception. While 2019 enjoyed an explosion of new players like Power Player and Albums that through time came to lead the space, 2020 in contrast received only a modest handful of new players and is instead remembered for the impressive growth the established player base received that year. This past year, 2021, managed to do both with a dizzying array of five new players and impressive growth across nearly all existing players… More here.

If you don’t like how Apple Music works, take a look at the above showcase.

Categories: Apps, Music

2 replies

  1. I kind of just wish plain old Apple Music would introduce a good music visualizer- especially when the device is charging and so not the drain on battery. i’ve played with a visualizer or two on the device, but the UI in terms of connecting to the playlists I rely on was poor.

    But I guess this is all a declining field anyway, with streaming so popular.

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