5 reasons to wear a watch

It’s time for you to save your smartwatches for your morning runs and use a classic machine for the rest of the afternoons.

Men ‘s watches are, beyond a useful tool, a symbol of status and style wherever we go. They come in different forms, of very different materials, of varied technologies, and of distinctive designs.

Technically, there is one for every type of man in this world. And of course smartwatches are part of this great universe; However, there comes a time when these do not meet either the personality or the power to complement our most distinguished looks… More here.

Some good, if slightly obvious, advice in this article.

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  1. Maybe I should give one a shot for a week sometime, and see how i feel then

    As it is, I still have the same feeling I always have; I already feel like a slave to time, having the physical manacle there isn’t a welcome reminder. (the manifestation I was aware of back in the day was how it meant I’d always be LOOKING at the time, then)

    it’s mostly the idea of the health stuff that’s attractive I guess- like if someday the fall detection will be really useful so I should get used to one before then.

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