Why is the bar so low for men?

No shade at all to Christensen for sharing the content in question. She’s a regular gym goer and has probably had plenty of experience of men staring, making comments, offering unsolicited advice, invading her space and generally making her feel uncomfortable. When a man chooses not to treat you with the sort of humdrum, casual disrespect that women are so used to, it does feel like a big deal.

It almost becomes an “aww” moment, like when you see a video of a puppy splashing joyfully in a paddling pool or a cat and its owner wearing matching socks, decorated with slices of pizza. “Aww! That man did the bare minimum in terms of being a decent human being in an 18 second TikTok!” But men are not puppies in paddling pools or cats in pizza socks. They are adult humans and they shouldn’t need congratulating for just being civil… More here.

This article irritates me. Somehow men get blamed when one man just sits there doing nothing. He gets congratulated by a woman for not ogling another woman and somehow the general opinion is still aimed negatively at all men.

I can’t help what other men do and I realise that there are lots of men out there who have little respect for women. I know I do respect women and always do my best to not act inappropriately, but I do sometimes notice an attractive woman and may look at her. Why on earth is that now considered so disrespectful? Isn’t it natural if no line is stepped over?

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