The Daily Mail reaches peak gaslight (‘The NHS is not in crisis…’)

Can Britain ‘ride out’ the Omicron wave without another lockdown, as Boris Johnson suggested on Tuesday? Or is the NHS being hopelessly overwhelmed as Covid infection rates soar?

The answer to the first question is Yes. The answer to the second is No. But listening to Labour and much media coverage, particularly on the BBC, you would think we were in the grip of a terrible scourge which can only be checked by draconian measures… More here.

This is a fucking disgrace. The most read news publication in the UK, and I believe the world, is now lying about the state of the NHS.

The NHS is in a deep crisis at this time and I know that for sure through those I love and through personal experience. It is breaking the staff, it is letting down patients and people are dying unnecessarily.

And not just because of Covid. The government forgets to mention the past 12 years of under-investment, the fact that we have half as many hospital beds as we had 20 years ago, the exodus of staff due to Brexit and the difficulties trying to get new staff into the profession.

The Conservative government has screwed over the NHS and (presumably) is happy to see this happen because it pushes it one step further to full privatisation. No matter the lives lost, the mental health of the staff of which many will never recover and the fact that to let the NHS down is to let us all down.

And the fact that the Conservative aligned publications are happy to deceive the public only adds to the sense that too many of us can do nothing about it.

I would normally add a ‘*’ within a swear word, but I couldn’t do it today.

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