Open-source software + 1,440 literary quotes = a clock, and a plot

Ever since it came out, The Clock has been inspiring people to make timekeepers that, like Marclay’s, play with the notion that a clock’s usefulness, or value, is one-dimensional. In 2011, staff at The Guardian crowdsourced literary quotes for every minute of the day as the film finished a run at the British Art Show, in London: “Could we do the same [as The Clock] with lines from literature?” they asked. Their audience answered, filling the hours with quotes from an array of authors, from Arthur Conan Doyle to (a potentially weird number of quotes from) David Foster Wallace; Agatha Christie to Zadie Smith… More here.

A good read, if you are odd like I am.

1 thought on “Open-source software + 1,440 literary quotes = a clock, and a plot

  1. I really like visions of time that engage different parts of the mind!

    Definitely the decline of regular clockfaces that started with digitial watches in the 70s + 80s has been accelerated w/ everyone’s new pocketwatch, the smart phone. Rumors are kids don’t know how to read clockfaces. And that’s a nice geometric way of thinking about the day.

    But words are great too! this kind of context is super neat, I might have to get one of these !

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