Do you use Apple TV+?

Tom Hanks’ “Greyhound” and Billie Eilish’s documentary were well received, and when Apple debuted the first season of “Ted Lasso,” things started changing for the service. Even though the company still doesn’t share how many subscribers it has – rather, it only gives an idea of its best TV shows.

To The Information, a “person with known of the numbers” said that Apple TV+ had around 40 million subscribers in the summer of 2021. Approximately half of those subscribers are paying for the service, while the other half are on free trials of some sort… More here.

Apple TV+ remains a curiosity to me. Ted Lasso is excellent, Swan Song was a great film and the Billie Eilish documentary was revealing, but for whatever reason I have not watched much else.

I only use TV+ on a Fire TV Stick and would likely not pay for it were it not part of Apple One, but it does seem to be improving… slowly.

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2 replies

  1. Yeah not a lot with it. For me just Ted Lasso but maybe the Bilie Ellish would be interesting

  2. Same here, its part of Apple One…

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