When a watch wants to look like a smartwatch. The Verax 420 V01.01 Meca-Quartz Chronograph

It’s black. Normally I don’t like black watches, but this thing gets a pass on that front because it is an accessory. The rose gold-colored IP-plated case back is very nicely done and one component I wouldn’t change in a second draft. The gloss black bezel is moody and cool. I’m fine with that. The case band, however, is horrendous. The brand’s wordmark, which, in itself is actually quite cool and to my taste, is molded into the left-hand side of the case. It’s crass. It’s unnecessary. Even when a brand as universally respected as Blancpain does it, it splits opinion. Brands should really realize that sometimes less is more. The reason most brands don’t mess around with the bare left-hand side of a right-hand drive watch is because it doesn’t need to be messed around with. Exercise some restraint, for heaven’s sake… More here.

We have reached the point where some traditional watches are trying to look like smartwatches. This one kind of works though.

Categories: Smartwatches, Watches

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