1 in 4 Britons ‘not confident NHS can care for them’. It should be 4 in 4.

One in four Britons do not believe that the NHS can care for them properly, new research into the public’s attitude to the health service reveals.

When asked “how confident are you, if at all, in the NHS’s ability to give you the care you need?”, a quarter (26%) said they were not confident.

While only 15% thought the NHS was not coping well with treating coronavirus patients, many more – 41% – believed that it was not coping well with providing other services… More here.

Completely understandable given the current state the NHS is in, but I do worry that many will blame the NHS for this.

The tweet below adds more context to what has really happened-

The NHS is short of nearly 100k staff, including:

2,000 A&E consultants
1,400 anaesthetists
2,500 GPs
1,900 radiologists
2,000 midwives
500 obstetricians

We are trying SO hard to treat rising Covid and the Covid backlog of care.

But the govt chose this.

They engineered it.

The calls for privatisation are growing and the slow process of trying to make money from the NHS is gaining pace all of the time.

In any reasonable scenario the current problems the NHS is facing would be met with immediate action, but deep down I am certain our current government wants this to happen. It always has.

The millions waiting for treatment do not matter to them. The thousands of staff close to breakdown do not matter to them. The fact that they can make money is what matters and while Covid can be used to mask their true intentions so the process will continue.

It’s so sad on a personal level and it should be sad to everyone because it does not need to be this way.

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