Why is everybody becoming so entitled?

My wife works in a hospital and has noticed that over the last few years, people have become less polite, less patient and far more prone to become angry at the slightest inconvenience, she says that Covid has made it worse but it was happening before 2020. Have you noticed similar and what is our problem? More here.

I have noticed this time and time again, an inability to deal with something going wrong or any mild convenience without kicking off. My wife has seen this behaviour rise as well over the past few years and it seems to be growing. The argument, however, that the pace of our lives is plausible, but I’m not convinced of that.

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  1. My personal theory is the number of people either needing a service or support, and the number of people in an area. Of course it’s a generalization. I notice that things are worse in cities or big city hospitals or even big city stores. I don’t know whether it’s a personal space thing or a need to be attended to thing. The longer people have to wait, the less polite they become.

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