We are not even close to seeing the worst of Brexit

In the months after Boris Johnson signed his post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union, the coronavirus masked the economic damage of leaving the bloc. As the pandemic drags on, the cost is becoming clearer — and voters are noticing.

Brexit has been a drag on growth. It brought new red tape on commerce between Britain and its largest and closest market, and removed a large pool of EU labor from the country on which many businesses had come to rely. The combination has exacerbated supply chain shortages, stoked inflation, and hampered trade… More here.

We have been somewhat covered so far by covid and the fact that many of the new rules have not come into force yet. I suspect that from early next year things are going to go downhill quickly and it will become obvious how badly the country was lied to and how much we will all be suffering (and for no good reason).

2 thoughts on “We are not even close to seeing the worst of Brexit

  1. I hope those dumbasses won’t somehow be able to blame COVID for all the own-goals Brexit provides.

    1. They have been doing that all year!

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