A culture of endless blame and zero fallibility

We live in a period when our personal contributions to systemic injustice, many of them unintentional, are becoming increasingly obvious. Our new age of enlightenment has illuminated any number of dark corners that society has long failed (or refused) to notice. Cricket, the sport I love, has just endured a particularly punishing month of reckoning. First, Azeem Rafiq’s public testimony against his former county, Yorkshire, forced the English game to admit that its anti-racism stance wasn’t worth the T-shirts it was printed on. Then, right before the Ashes, Australia’s then-captain admitted sending sexually explicit messages to a colleague. In both cases, players, coaches and commentators found themselves suddenly jobless, while the sport’s administrators have scrambled, with little dignity, to contain the fallout… More here.

A brilliant article and it really made me think. All we do is blame and blame and rarely do we look at ourselves. I do this all of the time, listen to the podcast, and I suspect most of you do as well.

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