The Biro

In 1945, a new invention that had helped to win the Second World War went on sale in the United States and Britain. First seen as an expensive novelty, it soon went on to become not only a part of our everyday lives, but one that revolutionized how we communicate. This was the Biro, the first successful ballpoint pen – a deceptively simple writing instrument with a very big story behind it… More here.

As I tend to do I liken things to watches and I guess the Biro is a quartz watch whereas a fountain pen is a mechanical watch. When I consider it I realise why people do not understand why anyone would be interested in watches that are less accurate, harder to use and more expensive, Just as I sometimes struggle to understand why on a daily basis some people go through the hassle of using a fountain pen as opposed to a Biro. Then again, I don’t even own a pen anymore.

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