You haven’t done this! Why have you not done this? Hello! Answer me! Do it now!!! (Apple Watch)

I put my Garmin fenix on charge yesterday, for only the 2nd time in 4 weeks as it happens, and put my Apple Watch on. Oh my word.

Within seconds I was greeted with a reminder that I had not done much exercise today. Well no sh*t Sherlock, I had not been wearing it.

Next up it reminded me that I was behind my average movement for the day.

And then I was advised to stand up.

All within a couple of minutes of attaching it to my wrist.

It reminded me that the Apple, for some time back there, kind of guided my days and caused me to follow it far too closely.

For all of the fitness benefits there are simply too many other features and interruptions to make it worth the annoyances. And wearing it for just a few minutes made me appreciate the fenix even more.

What I don’t understand is how I was so impressed with it not so long ago or why I had not limited the notifications.

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  1. I have both (garmin was got for my long running events as the apple watch runs out of battery and I just use it when I run).
    Agreed – the “fitness” reminders on the apple can be turned off (and i think i’m going to). Garmin is much more subtle.

    For me its simply the difference between a fitness watch with smartwatch features, and a smartwatch with fitness features. Not sure which I prefer, but I do know I find the garmin battery life wonderful!

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