The Masculinity of Doing the Least

The “model” heterosexual family consists of an all-sacrificing mother, a paternalistic father and children free from disability. As such, Pratt’s post is a quintessential portrayal of American heterosexual masculinity — from the paternalism to the ableism, it is symbolic of the unmoving gender roles that make America “great” for a very limited demographic… More here.

I hate (TRULY HATE!) the idea of traditional roles for family members and genders. Something about the notion that people should fit in to boxes and not have their own individuality irks me big time, but I also dislike the idea of not recognising differences between men and women. I could ponder this subject for a long long time…

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  1. I hear there are some (Nordic?) countries that are basically doing some social engineering experiments in like gender neutrality; and there’s maybe some evidence that some of the differences are innate… like left to their own, there seems to be segregation into male and female roles– or maybe it’s not quite a clean experiment, and the small amount of cultural norms that drift over find root in the otherwise neutral soil.

    But that’s the thing. Truly innate, biological differences will snowball, until “people are more likely to act in this (gender differentiated) way” becomes “most people are acting in this way” becomes “you are weird if you don’t act in this way” and “you MUST act in this way”.

    And even if there is a biological difference or otherwise innate: that still meets up with the “you can get an ought from an is”, that while it might be harder to overcome the inherit proclivities if they are innate, it might be still be a worthy effort if we think a more gender-neutral view is more in line with our sense of morals and ethics.

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