How Long Do iPhones Last?

When you buy an iPhone, you expect it to work for a decent amount of time, given the high cost. But around how long can you expect an iPhone to last? It depends on a few factors.

Let’s take a look at the average lifespan of an iPhone so you can plan your purchases carefully… More here.

All of the important topics are covered in the above article, but in my experience there has only ever been one thing that can cause an iPhone to struggle.

None of the recent iPhone have slowed down for me or my family. They have all managed to be compatible with the latest OS versions, and work at acceptable speeds, and they have all remained perfectly flexible and adequately featured enough to work fine on a daily basis.

The one thing? The battery health! It is always the battery health, but even that can be rectified by an Apple battery repair, as we did with our iPhone X last week. They really do just run and run.

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