The last days inside Trailer 83

CHICO, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 7, 2021: Paradise survivor Michael Erickson hits some golf balls outside their FEMA trailer just three days before the FEMA declared deadline of September 12th that all residence must leave the FEMA trailer park in Chico, California Tuesday September 7, 2021. The EricksonÕs have gotten little help from FEMA to make their trailer ADA compliant even though Crystal Erickson has numerous health conditions which keep her confined to a hospital bed and wheel chair. And the EricksonÕs have gotten little help in finding an ADA complaint new home. (Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

Nearly a hundred families lived at the site at one point, but one by one they had been moving away until on this day in September only a handful were left. Mike’s trailer was at the farthest end. There were no streets here and no addresses, just small numbers glued to the sides of trailers. His was 83… More here.

A good if somewhat depressing read.

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