Customising a Garmin fenix 6 Pro bezel

The fenix 6 Pro is a decent looking fitness watch and one that does have presence on the wrist. However, if you want the pro features without spending a fortune you are left with a single colour black watch.

With the bezel being the obvious part to customise and with those screws invitingly tempting you to remove it and repaint it, you would think that this is the obvious first step. DON’T DO THIS.

The bezel is also the GPS antenna and removing it will effectively ruin your Garmin watch.

One option is to buy yourself some acrylic pain (approx. £2) and to paint in the letters on the bezel. They are indented so you do not need to paint them as such, but you can fill the spaces with the paint.

Simply wipe the paint over the indents and let it sit for a few seconds.

Wipe it off with some soft paper and you will be left with a surprisingly professional finish.

The end result is a tiny pop of colour which adds more than it should to the overall look. All you then need to do is gently wipe some silicone oil over the letters and leave it for a few minutes, and voila you have a slightly changed watch that feels more different than it should.

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