Amazon Plans ‘Reimagined’ Kindle Experience. I imagine much more…

The first update will introduce new, smartphone-like navigation that’s supposed to make it easier to perform common tasks. Amazon said that swiping down from the top of the screen will reveal controls for airplane mode and display brightness, for example, while swiping up from the bottom of the screen will provide quick access to the Home and Library pages or the current book… More here.

The interface does need improving, but it won’t really make much difference because 98% of Kindle usage is reading.

What I would really like to see, however, is a foldable Kindle. Imagine a Kindle that is twice as thick as the thinner part of the Kindle Oasis and which folds open to give the same screen size. It could be half the size it is now and potentially pocketable, and it is possible because there is room to move.

The battery life is currently massive on Kindles and could be halved while retaining more than enough power to only need an occasional charge. The screen tech could remain in place and I do struggle to see major inhibitors in this idea.

I suspect that cost would be the barrier because folding screens are expensive, BUT why not two screens with a small bezel down the centre? Just like a real book.

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