An iterative release could put even more people off

In the wake of Series 7 leak disappointment, we already knew that this release was always going to be about a few minor improvements here and there. The question was whether those improvements, in the aggregate, would be enough to make the Apple Watch Series 7 purchase a compelling one. And as many had expected, the reviews suggest that anyone with a late-model Apple Watch needn’t rush out to buy this one… More here.

I guess I could sell my stainless steel series 6 and get close to breaking even, but I can’t really be bothered. It is saying something when even the usually pro-Apple review sites are lukewarm about the series 7. It would be like Fox News dissing Trump.

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  1. And yet there is a 2 month wait if you want to order a titanium model today.
    Either people want it, or Apple knew it wouldnt sell and have very little build capacity.

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