Apple Watch Series 7 review(s)

Seven generations in, it seems clear that Apple has pursued a consistent Platonic ideal for Apple Watch from the start, in terms of its shape, size, and display. Series 4 was a major refinement, with significant changes that brought Apple Watch quite close to that ideal. Series 7 is a minor refinement, not major, but that’s because the Series 4 redesign got Apple Watch so close to what it was meant to be from the outset. Perhaps someday Apple will release an altogether re-imagined Apple Watch — a new ideal. But perhaps not. Apple Watch has always known what it wanted to be, and Series 7 is closer to that than ever… More here.

Not sure John is writing the whole picture here. I am sure he is seeing it, but he isn’t writing it.

Marques, on the other hand, gives the changes plain and simple. You can easily see what is new and, more importantly, what isn’t.

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