iPhone 13 Pro Leather Case with MagSafe review

£59 is a big ask for a phone case, but this is Apple so it is not unexpected. In a world where £49 is the lowest price of an Apple Watch strap and where £59 gets you a simple leather case to attach to your iPhone the pricing feels almost invisible these days.

I don’t say the above lightly because I realise that it is a lot of money to outlay for almost any Apple product and £59 can mean the difference between eating and heating for many people, but if you do own a lot of Apple products the company has done well to twist your mind into not seeing the prices as they really are.

And so here I am with a leather case on my 13 Pro that feels worth the money, it genuinely does. The preciseness of the cut and the measurements is obvious from first use and the button covers are exceptionally comfortable to use and they add a touch of personality that what should otherwise be a static accessory.

Inserting a lightning cable is actually easier with the case on than not and the mute switch is also easily accessible when you are in a hurry. The high surround for the camera adds a little more protection and it is designed in a way that feels consistent with the case design rather than an add on.

You probably know what to expect from an Apple case by now and the soft internal lining is the final part of the case that makes it what it is. It will patina over time to add some extra personality and for me I would say that it is worth £59. Whether that is technically the case is another matter, but until the Twelve South SurfacePad for the 13 Pro comes along this is a decent option.

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