Is 5G worth the battery?

I was quite impressed with the top left number above yesterday as I waited in a queue to buy a coffee. The top right number, however, is concerning and maybe highlights some of the issues trying to use 5G brings with it.

When I sat down with my coffee I could not connect on my 13 Pro and eventually had to disable 5G and everything worked fine. I have very sporadic 5G coverage at home, constant changes as I move around and the bizarre popping up of 3G in certain locations in place of 5G. If I have disabled 5G in the same area 4G pops up so something odd is happening.

It could be the iPhone implementation or more likely it is not. Every single person I have spoken to who can use 5G has effectively given up on it at this time. It is likely that it will be hugely beneficial in the future and it will bring with it many benefits above raw speed, but for now I don’t believe it to be worth the battery hit.

If you want to move to 4G only on an iPhone go to Settings / Mobile Data / Mobile Data Options / Voice & Data and select ‘4G’. Problem solved, for now…

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