iPhone 13 Pro: day 3

A couple of observations for day 3. The sound!!! I mean the speaker when playing a podcast or music without headphones. It is markedly louder than the 11 Pro I had before and now useful in many more situations than previously. It is also clearer and capable of dealing with bass and high notes at full volume without any breaking up. A surprising and pleasant upgrade.

The battery is also better than before by a noticeable percentage and I would suggest an improvement of at least 10% for me so far. It’s still not amazing, but every little helps and any improvement is useful.

The screen is bigger than the 11 Pro which I somehow had no idea of because I did not own a 12. The measurement increase is small, but again it is noticeable especially when I try the 11 Pro again, which has now been handed down to Joanne. I think she is getting p*ssed off at always getting the hand me downs…

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