iPhone 13 Pro: day 2

Disposable paper coffee cup.

The one feature I wanted to try more than any other in the iPhone 13 Pro was the ‘macro’ camera feature. Some say it isn’t a true macro, others say it is amazing, and for me as someone who knows little about photography it fits in to the amazing category for me.

The hands look quite clean through my eyes, but the macro shows up the true age of this 1972 Rolex Datejust.

And of course I had to take a quick shot of Murray just to see how well it coped in low light.

This was taken in very low light indoors.

Yes, the macro mode on the iPhone 13 Pro is a genuine bonus for me which will be used in a variety of projects.

After 1 day, however, the 13 Pro feels just like my 11 Pro and I am considering if this is a good or bad thing.

Categories: Apple, iPhone, Product Reviews

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