Thank you Sir Clive

It is hard to imagine just how much of a boost Sir Clive Sinclair gave the tech industry back in the day.

He will of course be remembered for the quirky ZX Spectrum, a computer that was hard to ignore.

I remember playing Machpoint on it for hours in my lonely teenage years.

I remember marvelling at the countless functions on each rubber Spectrum key and having no idea what almost all of them did.

I remember sitting in class with a friend looking at the C5 brochure and desperately wanting to ride in one. The C5 felt like the future, but of course it wasn’t.

And there were the calculators and whatever else. All I remember, however, is a time when this stuff was exciting and it felt like we were at the start of something.

We most certainly were and Sir Clive was right there with us giving us the push we needed to see what was possible. Thank you Sir.

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