The return of imperial weights and measures

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Oh dear god. No one under 60 remembers such units and reintroducing them serves no purpose at all. It’s pure gimmickry, pure theatre and yet more nonsense to cover what Brexit is really doing to our country.

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EUs trade surplus with UK first 7 months 2021, ie post Brexit trade deal, was €82.1bn, notably up from same months in 2020, €56.7bn. Driven by 17.1% or €16bn fall in UK exports to EU. Trade into EU from every other major partner up. EU exports to UK grew by 6.2%, or €9bn..

Those figures are worrying and go some way to explain why we are seeing food shortages in the UK and many more worrying trends.

We have employment levels back to pre-pandemic levels, but still have 1 million job vacancies which is causing huge problems for business and even bigger issues moving food and goods around.

I popped out to buy some grapes the other day and this is what I found-

Labour shortages, rising fuel and food prices, an ongoing pandemic, a deteriorating economy and a growing sense that to be British means you should hate all other nationalities.

And bringing back measures from the 1970’s is a priority with all of the above happening? WHAT A JOKE OF A NATION THE UK IS BECOMING.

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