If it’s broke, fix it. If it needs to be better, upgrade it.

My upgrade cycle, like many other’s, has changed a lot in recent times and I find myself upgrading much less these days. I will take each of my products in turn-

iPhone 11 Pro

The battery is still very good, the speed is still instant and the camera is more than good enough for my needs. It is an expensive device and I cannot fathom Apple bring anything to it that would make me spend the amount required for the iPhone 13. It ain’t broke and I will be keeping it.

Apple Watch series 6

It is very fast, it does everything I need and it works very well. However. The battery performance is not good enough for me and the cellular could be better with the occasional hiccup when I move from my home Wi-Fi to the outside mobile world. It ain’t broke, but it could be better and if the deficiencies are addressed I will get the series 7.

iPad Air

This one is still new to me and I admit that 98% of its usage is streaming TV and YouTube during the work day. It isn’t broke, I don’t need it to be any better and so no other iPad will be coming to me anytime soon.

MacBook Air (M1)

Quick, brilliant battery, does everything I need well. It is far from broke and there is, like the iPad, nothing else I need it to do. It is staying.

Apple is the victim of its own success at times because for people like me, who have long lost the excitement of tech for techs sake, it comes down to deficiencies that need to be addressed or older kit that has simply gotten too old to perform how I need it to. In terms of Apple products the gap between purchased models appears to be getting longer and longer for me.

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