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Thanks to Sami for alerting me to something I should have already been aware of. Personally all I am waiting for is the Apple Watch series 7. I don’t believe the iPhone 13 will offer enough to make me want to jump and my 11 Pro battery health is still on 92%.

Joanne will go for the Apple Watch and switch back from Garmin if battery life is much improved, but she is happy with her iPhone X currently. Seems the iPhone for us is more than capable of doing 3-4 years at a minimum.

And here are some selected comments from the McGST WhatsApp group on the matter-

Oh goodie. More toys I can’t afford. Seriously though, I’m waiting to see a new iPad Mini. Ours are getting very long in the tooth.

after the premature drowning of my 11 and replacement w/ a 12 I wasn’t planning on I am sort of looking forward to the vibe of like a 3 year phone. It’s always almost always just the camera that sells me, but 12 pro max camera is hard to argue with

I’m waiting for the periscopic lens. Not ready for the watch.

My 1G iPad Pro is getting long in the tooth, at least battery wise… my iPad Mini… eh, it still does everything I ask it to, so unless I’m looking for an excuse to give it to someone so upgrade.

That’s always been the thing w/ iPads. though just don’t experience the wear and tear of phones or laptops.

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