The Apple Watch is SO FAR ahead of the competition

I am surprised that the Apple Watch only has 52% market share at this point. I shouldn’t be, however, because the price is relatively high and I suspect that a lot of the 28.2% sector is made up of much cheaper watches. This is understandable because not all countries are the same and affordability is an issue. However, I have now tried 2 Amazfit watches, 4 Garmins, 5 Fitbits, a couple of Fossil smartwatches, 3 Samsung watches, a Huawei and many other pseudo-smart watches.

I have also owned and used every version of the Apple Watch and I can say with some certainty that the gap between Apple’s offering and the rest is stark. This is not something I would say about the iPhone and the rest; the iPhone may be solid as a rock, super fast, extremely reliable and a decent device, but I recognise that there are multiple Android devices that compete or better the iPhone in many different ways.

The problem for the competition is that the Apple Watch offers speed, functionality, connectivity, apps and excellent fitness tracking in a way the others struggle with. Apple Music, Spotify, podcasts, voice recognition, messaging, assistive touch, phone calls, notifications etc etc. You name it and the Apple Watch does it well, very well in fact.

Many of the other smartwatches on the market do many things very well, but I have not found one that does everything to a high level. I have not found one that feels complete and I have not found one that matches the value an Apple Watch offers.

If only Apple could sort the battery life out and offer a bigger Apple Watch. Maybe in a few days this will come to be…