HUAWEI GT 2 Pro review (part 2)

Well, the GT2 Pro didn’t last long and truth be told I am not quite sure why. I struggled to find fault with it and it was the first smart watch I have worn that felt like a watch that was smart rather than a computer that just sits on the wrist. It has style, personality and quality materials throughout, but alas the software is somewhat lacking in ambition which feels like a missed opportunity.

It is in effect a digital watch which is also a fitness tracker with a smattering of very basic apps, and that is all you get. Despite the fact that there are higher-end models available this particular design does stand out to me and I would have liked to have seen direct music support, apps and maybe even 4G for a higher price. Seriously, the design is very impressive indeed and the Watch 3 model just doesn’t look as good. It includes the features I would like, but has a bland aesthetic throughout.

As for fitness tracking and the associated app I was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy and the presentation of my progress. It is barebones in some areas, but overall it is a good combination for just £169.

So, I didn’t give myself long enough with the GT2 Pro to go into much more detail and then the Amazfit Stratos 3 appeared at just £129 and I quickly moved on. That one will be reviewed next.

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