HUAWEI GT 2 Pro review (part 1)

This is a very quick first part of my GT 2 Pro review. I simply want to cover the very first impressions a buyer can expect to experience when they open the box. And my first impressions were much more positive than I expected.

I still struggle to understand how £179 can get a watch (any type of watch) with sapphire glass, a titanium case, a good quality leather strap, an excellent buckle and a ceramic case back. This is practically unheard of in the traditional watch industry, but it does make me question how Huawei can do it when the likes of Seiko, Tissot cannot at anywhere near this price point. Take a look higher at Tudor, Oris and even Omega, and you will not see all of these materials together without laying out some serious money.

Even more surprising is the way the case has been made, the quality of the buttons, the design considerations and the consistency throughout. It really does not feel like a smartwatch on the wrist, apart from the lack of weight.

In the box you get a USB C charging cable which attaches to a circular wireless charger, a couple of booklets and that’s your lot. It is minimal and if you pay an extra £20 you get a black rubber strap as well which can be changed using the quick release mechanism. I should add that the quick release used here is the best quality I have seen to date on any watch. The surprises continue.

My very first impressions are extremely positive and I am somewhat bewildered by what you get for the price. I mean, this is Huawei after all. A company we are taught to be wary of, but the hardware is ultra impressive and arguably above the Apple Watch. In part 2 I will cover the display, performance and battery.

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