What exactly is a ‘beater’ watch?

That the man uses a hefty gold watch worth in excess of $140,000 as his beater says a lot about how successful he is… Or perhaps the size of his cojones. Must be nice.

Weighing in at 41mm and powered by the Audemars Piguet calibre 2385, this three-counter chronograph rendition of Switzerland’s most famous luxury sports watch boasts a rather unique silvery-white “Grande Tapisserie” dial, and both a case and integrated bracelet made out of brushed 18ct yellow gold… More here.

Jon Legend is hugely successful so he can wear and afford, whatever he likes, but even so that is a hell of a beater watch.

For most of us it is a G-Shock or a similar tough budget watch, but I thought about this the other day when my son was clearing out the garage while wearing his Tudor Black Bay 58 (approx £2,500).

He isn’t flashy, he saved up for it, but he now considers his vintage Rolex DateJust to be his everyday watch. He also bought half of that and the other half was for his 21st birthday.

Just goes to show that what some people call a beater others would call extreme luxury.