Google dismantles Health unit, here we go again.

From consumer-facing products like sleep tracking tech with its Nest Hub smart home devices and Fitbit wearables to clinical initiatives like its Care Studio EHR search tool and its health AI work, Google has intensified its focus on health tech and expanded its reach into the healthcare market.

But those projects will now be split across Google’s myriad teams and divisions as the tech giant pivots away from a unified health strategy and reassigns its 570 employees across the company, according to a leaked memo obtained by Insider… More here.

The marketing words are carefully constructed to avoid the notion that this is yet another Google product about to be dismantled, but words often say less than the reality behind them.

This is exactly why when it comes to fitness I tend to trust Apple and Garmin above all of the others, no matter how impressive alternative products from other brands are.

Both companies have the money, the branding and the expertise to pull off top level fitness tracking, but more importantly they will be there for the long haul. Health and fitness are extremely important to Apple and even more so to Garmin, and this is why I find it hard to look elsewhere.

Sometimes you just need consistency and longevity to back up the quality, and without all three aspects you may as well have none of them.